Your vision and road safety

Good vision is not just important for the ease of getting through everyday life – it also significantly impacts road safety. According to statistics, 1 in 5 drivers can’t see clearly. This causes slower reaction times and leads to an increased risk of accidents.

It’s essential for drivers to be aware of the importance of good vision for road safety, so our experts have come up with some useful advice to keep your vision in the best shape while on the road for yourself and those around you.

The legal eyesight standard for driving


With 90% of the information a driver uses being visual, it’s no wonder that having good vision on the road is a legal requirement. Regardless of whether you have perfect vision, wear glasses or contact lenses, here’s what you must be able to do according to the DVLA (The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency):

  • Read a number plate from 20 metres away
  • Read the 6/12 line on the Snellen Chart during an eye examination with both eyes, or one, if you only have vision in that eye
  • Alert the DVLA about eye conditions or injuries such as glaucoma, diabetes, or macular degeneration that may affect your field of vision.
  • You must also state whether you only have vision in one eye.

Please note that rules may differ for lorry, bus, and licensed taxi drivers.

Driving Hazards


Bright glare and reflections are a prime hazard for drivers, especially at night. They can severely impact one’s ability to see clearly, often causing people to squint. This can lead to headaches or even temporarily blind vision, impacting a person’s ability to fully concentrate on the road.

The benefits of anti-reflective coating for glasses

Anti-glare glasses have a special coating that reduces glare and reflections to allow for clearer vision. By eliminating the need to adjust for glare, they help prevent accidents.


Advanced options are also available, including features such as being scratch, smudge, dust and water resistant and repellent. These additional features allow for a clearer and most comfortable driving experience, as well as enduring your glasses lenses remain durable for longer.

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