Are Contact Lenses For You?

Contact lenses vs glasses – this is a common dilemma for a number of people. We’re here to compare these two types of vision correction and explore why contact lenses could be right for you.

They’re great for Sporty Lifestyles

Contact lenses are often the preferred method of vision correction for people who are active outdoors and play sports. Ideal for activities where you need to wear goggles or a protective helmet, contact lenses sit comfortably on your eyes, rather than in front of them like glasses. This means that they won’t get in the way and potentially compromise your vision or eye health.


During wet weather there’s often the added distraction of water dripping onto your glasses. Playing contact sports can also mean a higher risk of breaking glasses if you have to wear them. With contact lenses, you won’t find any issues with water droplets or damage, meaning you’ll be free to concentrate on doing what you love and improving your performance without worrying about your vision.

They’re Convenient

Most of us have been through times where we’ve lost a pair of glasses or accidentally forgotten them in the house when going out if they are only used for reading for example.


Wearing contact lenses is a great alternative in this respect, as you can still go about your daily routine without having to worry about not being able to see clearly while waiting for a new pair of glasses to be made up or remembering to take your glasses everywhere you go.

A Wider Scope of Vision

Have you ever glanced sideways to look at someone or something, only to find that your vision is blocked by the frames of your glasses? A full field of vision is another key advantage of wearing contact lenses over glasses, providing a more natural visual experience.


Suitable For Every Occasion

Although glasses are now more fashionable than they once were, many of our customers still prefer to have the option of a natural look, which contact lenses offer.

In addition to this, almost anyone can now be fitted with contact lenses, thanks to advanced technology, with various types ranging from daily disposable to monthly, multifocal, and hard gas permeable lenses available to suit different visual and lifestyle needs.

Lenses don’t need to be worn full time either. If you still like eyewear, contact lenses can simply be worn for special occasions, giving you the opportunity to mix and match your look from day to day.


They’re Cost-Effective

Although contact lenses usually need to be replaced regularly, the expense of replacing glasses that are broken or damaged can be large and often occurs when you least expect it.

Contact lenses can be an affordable way to manage the cost of vision correction in the long term, and with our comprehensive aftercare service, you will be able to benefit from annual examinations, unlimited check-ups, changes to fittings and postal delivery for supplies covered for extra peace of mind.

Find Out More

At our friendly independent optometrist practice in Dundee, we are here to help you explore your contact lens options. Our assessment process involves the latest technology to enable a more accurate fitting of your contact lenses. Call us to discuss your options, or book a consultation.